New restrooms Park. Proposed improvements include installation of a complete, pre-engineered restroom building and associated site work.

Irrigation and Public Restroom Project

Improve and irrigate existing soccer and baseball fields and install public restrooms.

Pool and Splashpad

Consists of demolition of the existing pool area and renovation of the existing pool house. Work shall also include the installation of a new pool vessel and concrete deck Splashpad. Plumbing, concret. . .

Pool & Splash Pad

Pool and splash pad.


Park Pavilion

Play Structures Replacement Projects

Demolition of existing play structures and tiles, installation of new play structures and some site work. 4 sites.

Replace Exterior Lighting Fixtures

The work includes providing all labor, materials, tools, equipment, supplies, transportation and supervision for the removal of existing Lighting Fixtures, Conduit and Outlets, and the Installation of. . .

Basketball and Tennis Court Reconstruction

For the furnishing of the following: Basketball and Tennis Court Reconstruction.

Park Construction

Construct pavilions, install benches, bike racks, bike wash, picnic tables, & water fountain and other items.

Dog Park Project

Remove the existing curb and gutter depression; remove portions of a damaged driveway; clear and grub; construct two new PCC drive approaches; unclassified excavation; construct 5 CMB base course, co. . .

Park Design and Engineering Services

Buildings - Architectural Design ARC-906-25 - Design Build Services ARC-906-35 - GENERAL CONSULTING/A & E ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING SERVICES, NON-PROFESSIONAL Designing Services PARK, PLAYGR. . .

Play Area Renovation



Park is approximately 5.5 acres in size. The project consists of improving an undeveloped parcel into a park site. Park amenities include, but are not limited to the following: grass play area; concre. . .


The project consists of improving an undeveloped parcel into a park site. Park amenities include, but are not limited to the following: grass play area; concrete and decomposed granite walkways; nativ. . .

Park Phase II Improvements

Two picnic shelters. Batting cages. Chain link fences and gates.

Playground Construction

Supply all labour, equipment and materials for the design and installation of playground equipment.

Park: New Restroom, Site Lighting and Parking

Work consists of a new precast concrete restroom building including fixtures an finishes, removal of existing light poles and concrete bases, installation of new LED lighting throughout the park, and . . .

Park Improvements

Park improvements include, but may not be limited to, a concession / restroom building, (2) 290 softball fields, an asphalt parking area with concrete curb and gutter, concrete sidewalks, paved plaza,. . .

Park Revitalization

A major emphasis of the project is to restore the existing stream bed by removing the hard bottom and restoring the stream to a more natural state including replacement of two pedestrian bridges. Othe. . .

Recreation Center- Park Renovation Project

Demolition of Admin Bldg & Gym, construct 12,400 square foot Recreation Bldg and Gym, multipurpose rooms, office, kitchen, restrooms, support facilities, outdoor lighting, outdoor terrace, child play . . .

Pool Restoration Project

Refurbish historical 5500 sf swimming pool. construct a 4471 sf bathhouse with pool equipment room, handicapped access ramps and stairs, walkways, access road, parking, seating, exhibit panels and pla. . .

Recreation Construction Project

The general scope of work is to rebuild the roads, parking areas, day use areas, recreation area host site, entry station building, maintenance building, picnic shade areas structures, premanufactured. . .

Concession Contract

Concession Contract for Park

Outdoor Leisure Pool Project

Project will include a zero depth pool of apx 5000 sf, activities pool apx 32 feet wide by 75 feet long, toddler pool apx 1700 sf, a lazy river apx 250 feet long, water slides, shaded areas and play s. . .

Outdoor Furnishings

Outdoor Furnishings: Tables/Benches/Bleachers/Receptacles/Racks

Outdoor Furnishings